What Causes Diabetes?

By Jonathan Pitts

Diabetes, this is considered as one of the most serious and dangerous health condition. It can lead to complications, comma and eventually death. You might be wondering what causes this disease. Does eating lots of chocolates and cakes cause diabetes? Having a sweet tooth does not necessarily equate to diabetes. There are several causes of diabetes; these causes are depending on which type of diabetes you have because there are three types of diabetes. The three types are mainly type I diabetes, type II diabetes and gestational diabetes. These have of course different causes, but partially diabetes I and II are believed to be hereditary.

To discuss further, type I diabetes is less common or rarer than type II diabetes, it is an autoimmune disorder. Autoimmune disorder occurs when our immune system attacks or turns against the cells or the substances that are normally present in our system. The cause of this type of diabetes is still not clear. Some medical personnel say that it can be caused by environmental factors such as virus while others claim that it is through genetic inheritance. In the autoimmune condition, the immune system attacks the insulin producing cells in the pancreas which are the beta cells in the islets of Langerhans. When this happens the glucose in our body cannot enter the cells, thus increasing the glucose level in our system. Insulin is the one that allows glucose to enter our body cells. So, as a counter measure, people with this type I diabetes are required to have a regular injection of insulin. Also, type I diabetes is also known as insulin dependent diabetes.

Type II diabetes is the most prevalent type of diabetes. It is usually associated with age, lifestyle, physical fitness and activities, health back background and history, race and genetic make-up. The obese and the aged individuals with a history of diabetes in the family are often prone to acquiring this disorder, also the American race are more prone of acquiring it than other races. Several factors such as diet and physical inactivity can contribute to the development of this disease. The main cause of it is still under study but it is believed to be hereditary, so basically if your parents or siblings have diabetes it is more likely for you to have it as well unless you try to do some precautions to lessen the probability that you will acquire such. Like having a good diet and becoming physically fit. This type of diabetes is also called the non-insulin dependent diabetes. It is the type of diabetes wherein the cells in our body are resistant to insulin; they do not utilize it so there is a buildup of glu cose in our blood and our body organs are depleted of glucose supply.

Gestational diabetes is the last type of diabetes, it only occurs during pregnancy and it is not a permanent disease. However, it can lead to type II diabetes if not monitored and treated. The main cause is still unclear like the two earlier types of diabetes, but genetic inheritance is again a seen factor. Also, being obese and with a family history of diabetes you can most likely be a candidate for this type of diabetes.